Thursday, June 26, 2014

Periodontal Disease

Medical science, over the last ten years, has revealed what periodontists and dentists have suspected for years. Your oral health and periodontal health directly affect your overall health. From Diabetes to Alzheimer’s to Cancer, poor oral health can have a direct and dramatic impact on your overall health.

With that knowledge, and innovative technology, protecting your oral health is easier than ever. The availability of replacement teeth, an alternative to conventional dentures, makes it is easier to solve the problem and the health threat that decayed or missing teeth can cause.

At TeethToday®, we specialize in replacing missing teeth, with the reliable, long-lasting solution of dental implants. Dental implants successfully replace unhealthy teeth, while restoring your smile as well as your overall health. Preventing periodontal disease and impacting your overall health, is a smart choice. Let TeethToday® help you.

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